MuchGhostsYeah, that be me on the TV, LOL.

We had a great time hanging with the gang from Much Music and to be honest, some of the stuff we got was pretty amazing too.

What a great old theater, right in the heart of Toronto. To think how many people came through those doors and sat in those seats, it really is amazing.

The theater certainly had its share of real life tragedy though, most of it now long buried in the walls and between the floors of the grand old lady. But even though it was a long time ago, it was obvious to us that despite the time passed, the events were not prepared to be forgotten.

What a fantastic place to visit and investigate. Big thanks to the staff of the Elgin and Winter Garden Theater for letting us poke about. And another big thank you to Much Music for inviting us out.


Check out the video on MuchMusic here 

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