So, today is the big day. Book two is complete and has beed handed off to the two official editors. One deals with my horrible spelling and sentence structure, while the other is checking into my science education. (I feel sorry for both of them) 54,000 words longer than what Whitechapel Road had between the covers.

I'm stressing a little, but over all, I'm really pleased. With some luck, and if t...he weather holds out, Jennifer McCready will be out Sunday to shoot the pictures for the cover art.
Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful on this and for the rest of you who have been such a huge support and so patient in waiting.

The book title was registered yesterday and accepted. This was done through the efforts of my lovely lady, Stef von Riot the same person who will be putting the artwork for the covers together.

The title is now official..... Mary, Mary, "Quite" Contrary - A Vampyre Tale - book two in the series.

It's all coming together.

I think I am in desperate need of a tea. ^v^

Papers Arrived Today

The official papers arrivied in the post today. The confirm the title "Mary, Mary quite Contrary" has been copyrighted by our Canadian Government. Nice paper too, suitable for framing.

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